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358 bullets in 357 maximum

Cali wax cartridge

Discussion in ' Reloading ' started by Luv2hunteupFeb 7, Log in or Sign up. Feb 7, 1. MGM shared some load data and test results from late Luv2hunteupFeb 7, Feb 9, 2. Messages: Likes Received: Very surprised how good 38 Specials shot. My Mike Bellm barrel will not shot 38 Specials or Mag. They give "average velocity" but no "extreme spread". No "crimp", with cases trimmed to all the same length and a crimp my "extreme spread" are very low, some times under 10 fps. Cut to 1.

If not it could make chambering a longer round difficult and or raise chamber pressures. Mar 4, 3. Messages: 6 Likes Received: 1. Mar 4, 4. Mar 4, 5. Luv2hunteupMar 4, Mar 4, 6. Messages: 1, Likes Received: What an absolute awesome deer round in an Encore.

So easy to shoot Bought some Raptor bullets, for this year. Cat PowerMar 4, Mar 4, 7. I loaded up some Lil Gun with some test loads.

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Barnes, Speer and Fury bullets. All gr. Mar 4, 8. Here's some interesting bullets from a Michigan maker May 11, 9. May 11, Remember Me? Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Help with choosing. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Help with choosing.

Lee Precsion TL358-158- 2R Bullet Mold

My sizer die is. Lyman cast boolit handbook recommends. Actually sizing depends more on your firearm. The best way to figure out what to size to would be to slug your barrel with a soft pure lead slug would be best and then measure the slug. If we are examining the most proper way of determing the "right diamter" then next it would be good to see if the slug you pushed through the barrel would fit through the cylinder throats.

If you are not up to slugging the barrel and checking the cylinder throats then I would go with. You could of course try the. Slug the cylinder throats and size. For instance, I have a Model 24 and a Model -- '85 vintage -- both have.

357 Remington Maximum

Revolvers do have another variable to consider compared to everything else. Definatelyslug the barrel and test the throats. Find a bullet that will pass with moderate thumb pressure. This will be the best bullet size. If you are luckythe cylinder throats will be. My GP has. I get best accuracy with. I have never had ANY leading in this revolver. They are 0. Reload using Unsized case or size in a. Reloads should NOT drop in the barrel but rather require just a little pressure to seat.

It is amazing that any revolvers shoot lead bullets accurately as the manufacturers don't seem to do a good job of matching cylinder throats and barrels together. Guess how well that gun shoots?

I use. My Colt OM wants. Depends on the individual gun. I agree with runfiverun. I'd go just to help prevent leading. Not just fat, proper size isn't just cramming the fattest boolit you can into the chamber and lighting it off. It's fitting the boolit to the gun, load, alloy and design.

How far you want to take it beyond "I usually hit what I aim at, more or less. All other chambers on all guns checked.Previous Thread Next Thread. Jan 23, 1. Couple of us are building rifles. I know a few here shoot the caliber. What works? And if anyone has brass to spare? I could hoard, er, use another or Joe S. Jan 23, 2. I don't have any brass either.

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Jan 23, 3. Joe, I looked through my Handloader magazine index. It looks like issues, and have articles on loading the. I'll pull those issues out and make you a copy if your interested. Jan 23, 4. The Hodgdon site gives loads for bullets from gr. No mention of primers was made, but I'd expect they used Large Pistol or Large Pistol Magnum, but you might have to e-mail them to find out. VickJan 23, Jan 23, 5. They use small primers for sure.

But i hear some say they use small rifles. But i thought pistol and rifle primers were different thicknesses? Marty That's be great. Im gonna start with Winas i have a litlle over 5 lbs on hand. And i think i have a few. Jan 23, 6.

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Heres some im finding. Jan 23, 7. Joe, I also have a loading manual for the TC Contender that has a lot of load data for the. I'll make you a copy of it. It has loads with gr bullets at fps. Jan 23, 8.

358 bullets in 357 maximum

Jan 23, 9. There was some brass on gbo this afternoon, it sold before I saw the ad. RwJan 23, Jan 23, Marty, while your at it can you make me some copies also????MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer instructions.

358 bullets in 357 maximum

Hold that Forend! Effective Game Killing. Basic Rifle Accuracy and Ballistics. Small Arms Wound Ballistics. The Practical Guide to Reloading. MatchGrade Bedding Products. Video Learning. Military and Police Consulting. Consultation with Nathan Foster. Help us with a donation. Shooting Tutorials. Film And Author Consulting.

.357 Remington Maximum

Book series reviews. YouTube Gallery. In Winchester chambered the Model lever action for its first smokeless powdered medium bore cartridge, the. This cartridge utilized a grain bullet loaded to a velocity of fps. In Winchester released the. That said, the model 95 rifle is highly sought after today for its unique box magazine design. Four years later Winchester introduced another medium bore cartridge, the.

358 bullets in 357 maximum

This fired a. This too suffered a similar fate to its earlier medium bore kin, retaining limited popularity with police departments for anti-personal use. Regardless of all new cartridge designs one factor could not be overlooked: the American hunter was beginning to fall in love with the bolt action. Here was a rifle and cartridge that boasted ample power and reach in a well-designed platform. The famous model 94 lever action rifle did however continue to enjoy ongoing success, but efforts to develop new brush carbines chambered for more powerful cartridges were, at least for the time being, put on hold.

In Winchester tried once again to release a potent lever action rifle with the introduction of the model 71, chambered for the potent. Set to replace the. Having said this, both the Model 71 and. While Winchester focused on rifle development, wild catters continued to experiment with the Springfield action. The same could be said of other bore diameters based on the.User Name Remember Me? I haven't really started to seriously load for my Max.

Contender, but recently picked up a Classic Lee Loader to play with a little. Can I load pointed bullets like the Hornady gr. You know Thanks, HD1. Pointed bullets are fine from a Contender. Yes you can load those exact bullets Use all the standard precautions but they shot well for me using a max dose of AA and a BR-4 primer.

Make sure you have the correct seating die for pointed bullets as I know the standard RCBS dies I have did not have one for pointed bullets. Factory barrel or custom job? Remove Advertisements. Another excellent bullet for the max is a gr. Sierra round nose. My carbine barrel has a twist, MGM custom job and those shoot very accurate. SKB How is the bullet expansion it those velocities?

Mahojiano ya aliyekuwa mzazi mwenzake ashley

I'd rather use Rem. Originally Posted by Huntdaddy1. Last edited by skb; at AM.

358 bullets in 357 maximum

There's no way I can achieve 35 Rem speeds with such a short Bbl. It has Burris 2X scope and groups well so far with factory 's. I don't think I've seen a box of factory ammo for a.

I picked up six boxes at an estate auction a while back. I was the only person bidding on them and got them really cheap.

I also picked up some Win ammo at the same auction. A few years back I owned a T.What is the cost of rechambering my barrel? How do I order a custom barrel in. I only accept barrels. I do not work on guns. However, my son Kurt can receive your gun for work that does NOT involve machining. Call him at I do more. This is the preferred method for best accuracy from these barrels. Delivery time? This is a personality test to filter out those with demand syndrome. I only want to work with good, patient people who can appreciate what I do, drama free.

I am a year-old doing a one-man operation. Precision and craftsmanship govern my work, not how many and how fast. If you want fast, I cordially ask you to not do business with me for your sake and mine. Work is done when it is done, in as reasonable amount of time as I can cost effectively do the work in batches.

Your work may get in on a batch and done within days, OR…… it may be months. Custom barrels are made by Match Grade Machine. Simply click on the link or call them at to order the barrel made however you want it and just ask them to ship the barrel to me to cut the chamber with my throat design.

Chamber cast an old barrel that has had thousands of rounds shot through it, and you will find the first. It starts at. It is amply long for seating the excellent gr. Hornady XTP out to at least the lower crimp groove.Attached Images image. Moleman has all the information I have used for my. This site is the only one for the AR wildcats. Check Maddog enterprises website for Yeti information as well as other contributors on this site. Does your die draw down in one step or more?

Does it look like the drawing in posted? I made a draw die and they come out. I like the. Then all get cleaned before the next step in the core settings of jackets and cores. Modern Sporting Rifle Evolution.

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