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General Motors invested heavily in downsizing its lineup during the second half of the s. With CAFE targets to meet and the potential threat of another oil crisis, the corporation saw its future inextricably entwined with smaller, front-wheel-drive vehicles. The industrial juggernaut undertook an ambitious plan to transform its lineup to FWD, starting the s with two FWD platforms in the North American market and ending the decade with 15 separate FWD platform codes.

The E-Body was downsized in for its third generation and the Riviera belatedly switched to front-wheel-drive like the others. The Toronado and Eldorado were massively lighter than their predecessors by upwards of pounds and lost 12 inches in wheelbase length. A further downsizing occurred in when the E-Bodies lost around 15 inches in total length, around pounds in curb weight, and a lot of buyers.

Wheelbase was down by 6 inches to a total span of inches and V8s disappeared from the Riviera and Toronado lineups, while convertibles disappeared entirely. Suspension was four-wheel independent once again, although the E-Body now used unibody construction instead of body-on-frame. However, the more compact dimensions and appearance yet premium price pushed the once prestigious E-Bodies towards a fleet of similarly-sized vehicles including the perennial RWD G-Bodies.

After a couple of years of disastrous sales, Cadillac launched a revised Eldorado that looked bigger; Buick and Oldsmobile followed in and The Buick Reatta was also considered an E-Body despite a shorter, GM continued the K-Body platform code of the first Seville despite the move to front-wheel-drive. When the E-Body Eldorado was revised inthe Seville followed suit and continued to share a platform with the Eldorado.

Again, engines were the same. The diesels were gone and the old credit-option Buick 4. Fromthe two-seater Cadillac offered a computer-controlled suspension system with adjustable dampers. However, its unique selling points were sacrificed along the way—fromit used the same 4. Wheelbase: The full-size C-Body platform commenced development in in the aftermath of a second oil crisis and soaring gas prices.

The C-Body cars were around two feet shorter than their predecessors, around pounds lighter, and now used unit-body construction with a separate front subframe. Suspension was now fully independent with MacPherson struts and stabilizer bars front and rear, and electronic level control at the rear.

The Cadillac, in particular, was a dramatic change from its predecessor, although it was the only C-Body to retain V8 power. Tastes had changed by the s and coupes were falling out of favor.

The C-Body coupes in particular haemorrhaged sales.

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The platform code had previously been used on a completely unrelated RWD subcompact platform, used by the Chevrolet Monza and axed after The new FWD H-Body shared the more modern unit-body construction and suspension set-up of the C-Body with no major mechanical differences.

Although buyers of LeSabres were typically older, more conservative buyers, the downsized H-Body LeSabre continued to sell quite well, as did the Bonneville. This was despite the trimmer dimensions and the lack of a V8. More troubling for GM, buyers were also apathetic.

Early models used the carryover Chevrolet 2. That was more modern than the set-up in the A-Body these cars sort of replaced and by most accounts these cars rode and handled better, if not quite as well as the Taurus. But the GM cars also weighed upwards of pounds more than the A-Body, which meant GM had to introduce stronger engines after a couple of years simply to keep them as quick off the line as the outgoing 2. Also, despite riding a 1.

Contrast that with the GM X-Body ofenormously successful out of the gate but collapsing once its reliability problems became known. GM had worked out most of those reliability issues bywhich was fortunate as the A-Body was simply an X-Body with a longer, more formal body. That extra length was not found in the wheelbase but, rather, in the overhangs.

The A-Body platform proved to have a lot of life in it. It was used as the basis for the U-Body minivans ofand the Century and Cutlass Ciera were sold all the way until by which time the diesels, coupes, s and Celebrities were long gone.The General Motors A platform commonly called A-body was an automobile platformand was GM's original, and oldest, platform used by all early GM products, beginning with the Chevrolet Superior.

The A-body was temporarily suspended in until it was reintroduced in For the model year, the previous A and B bodies were built on the new B Body [1] [2] that lasted until The A-body designation was resurrected in for a new series of intermediate-sized cars including the Chevrolet ChevellePontiac TempestOldsmobile Cutlass and Buick Skylark. These later A-bodies underwent a switch in drive layout from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive in The switch in drive layout spawned the G-body.

Inevery A-body car line was cancelled, but new nameplates on the GM W platform have taken their place. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: List of GM platforms. Retrieved Archived from the original on General Motors platforms. Categories : General Motors platforms Modern auto stubs. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk.

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gm c body

GM F-body. GM A-body. GM B-body.Jeremy Richmond was facing the same dilemma as many have when making wholesale suspension and drivetrain mods in order to run healthy motors and tall tires on older 4x4s: Stopping power.

Drum-style brakes on older 4x4 trucks are adequate for stock applications. But they are woefully poor performers when faced with stopping the rotational mass of taller, heavier tires, be that on the street or off-road.

List of GM platforms

Drum brakes trap the heat generated under braking, which leads to quick fade. They also trap mud and water inside, leading to rapid wear when subjected to mud and water commonly encountered on backroads and OHV trails.

The most common direction serious enthusiasts take to remedy those issues on the off-road friendly, full-floating Bolt is to convert the antiquated drums to discs using Caddy-sourced rear brakes parts. To make the conversion he turned to Skys Off Road Design for the custom brackets needed to mount the disc brakes to the Bolt axle housing.

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This design also allows the brackets to be used without need of any spacers, which can put more stress on the bolts during extreme off-road use. The conversion process from that point on is a simple bolt-on. Converting from drum to disc rear brakes is an easy performance upgrade for the Bolt owner as you can see from our highlights.

Disc brakes readily sling off mud and water, and they cool faster, providing better overall braking and longer life than their aged drum counterparts. They are also less expensive to maintain. Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos.

gm c body

Bruce W. Smith Photographer, Writer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.This List of GM platforms contains automobile platform used both at present and historically by General Motors. Originally, GM used a Latin alphabet letter scheme to name its platforms, which were aimed at vehicle families in similar market niches.

For example, the E platform Oldsmobile Toronado personal luxury coupe was redesigned significantly through four generations from throughbut retained the same letter designation throughout that time. During that span the vehicle grew from its original " as large as " then shrank to ", and shifted from traditional body-on-frame construction to unibodywith the platform changing but not its designation.

In some cases an entirely new platform was developed but given the name of an existing one for marketing reasons, with the original being assigned a new designation. For example, ina ground-up front-wheel drive GM A platform was designed, with former rear-wheel drive GM A platform vehicles shifted over to it. However, the original A platform rear-wheel drive architecture remained in production, re-designated as the GM G platform.

In certain instances, GM has used varied letter designations for similar products. The recent front-wheel drive GHand K architectures are reported to be closely related, but GM has given different letter designations based upon the model produced upon the architecture. In modern General Motors parlance, each platform is referred to as an architecture. Beginning in the s, GM instituted a naming scheme for its global automotive architectures using the English-language names of letters of the Greek alphabetfor example, "Alpha.

Often these are informally referred to by their letter name and the term "-body", as in the GM "A-body". For the Latin alphabet letter platforms, the architecture designation usually corresponds to the 4th letter of the Vehicle Identification Number.

GM used these letter designations to identify service manuals, owner manuals, and other publications. It is common for the automotive press to describe visually similar car families based on their platform designation. For example, the "X Cars".

GM uses platforms to make a hierarchy of models aimed at different market segments. The following table attempts to place each shared platform in context. As General Motors has integrated worldwide operations, platforms are now shared globally. Badge-engineered and non-GM products:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

GM C platform

February GM platform nomenclature guide. General Motors.

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Platforms Transmissions Hybrids Vehicles. William C. World of Motion Test Track - Category Commons.We know, advertisements are annoying and slow down the internet.

Unfortunately, this is how we pay the bills and our authors. We would love for you to enjoy our content, we've worked hard on providing it. Please whitelist our site in your adblocker, refresh the page, and enjoy! Earlier this year, GM Authority exclusively outlined how the GM C1 platform supports eight crossover utility vehicles, a circumstance that enables it to achieve massive economies of scale for the Detroit-based automaker.

With the prerequisites out of the way, there are three core pieces that make up the GM C1 platform body structure, as GM Authority learned from various GM engineers. When made at the body shop, this hunk of metal can end up in any of the eight crossovers currently riding on the C1 platform. The second component goes between the B and C pillars. And finally, the third component starts from the C-pillar and runs toward the rear end of the vehicle. For instance, the GMC Acadia uses a different structure as it relates to this piece when compared to other three-row models such as the XT6, baby Enclave and three-row Blazer.

Outside of these three core pieces of the structure, vehicles that ride on the GM C1 platform also share a significant amount of other common parts and components, including the electrical system, various systems controls, and HVAC componentry.

The C1 architecture is platform sharing done right, showing just how far the automaker has come from the badge engineering days horrors of yore. Like these exclusive reports? GM Authority Founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy.

I relies how this is great, for GM! As GM can make more of the same the cost of manufacturing goes down, I get it!!! I get a headache when I see your name. The main reason is, there are three HD trucks allowed to be sold in the US do to a old tax that keeps out true competition!!

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I have said before that if VW was allowed to make and sell a HD truck in the US I would buy one and you GM dealers and customer service reps would never here from me again. OK that would not be true as I will be here until I die making sure all know that GM has NO customer support, and the warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on.

But if I did, I would change dealers.

gm c body

H3ll in the last half decade my GM vehicles have been to the dealership more than the prior 3. Because the GM dealerships are privately owned and operated businesses, and GM can not tell them how to operate!!! GM can raise the price of parts and vehicles sold to the dealerships, however GM can NOT tell the dealerships what to do. Just like the tens of thousands in class action lawsuits against GM, for lights, wheels, transmissions, screens, etc.

I wonder if there are more people suing GM for faulty parts right now than there are GM dealerships? Some here just continue to change their names to try to be another GM opinion, but most on this site are dealers, dealer employees, and GM customer service reps!!! GM has so many worthy platforms in service, whether it is C1 or GEM, that I wonder if the VSS kitsch were built too soon and will therefore be outdated before wide spread adoption. Are VW-like kits even need in an era when semi modular does so much?

This insightful article gives a clear glimpse into how GM operates.

gm c body

My questions here are : 1 How much they may need to re-engineer if they want to put a skate board battery and fix electric powertrain with a frunk.

The fun part is already Tesla got k reservations without even spending a single penny. Look power of marketing. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Sponsored Links. First, a reminder of the eight vehicles that ride on C1. GM Authority is looking for professional automotive journalists with at least three years of experience to join our rapidly-growing team.GM C platform also known as the C-Body was a front wheel drive FWD automobile platform used by General Motors for its full-sized automobiles from through It was similar to the H platformwith both sharing the same Most C-body vehicles were replaced with cars on the related GHand K platform designations.

The Cadillac Series 75 limousine briefly made its return on this platform, stretched by From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the front-wheel drive C platform. For the original rear-wheel drive C platform, see GM C platform See also: List of GM platforms. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. General Motors platforms.

Categories : General Motors platforms. Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from November All articles lacking sources.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. GM G platform. Cadillac De Ville. Cadillac Sixty Special.

Oldsmobile Touring Sedan. In production.

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